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Art of The Pouch


Hopes, dreams, wishes, aspirations, purposes — held close to one’s heart.

Small pouch could be worn on the body.

Or hung in a special place in your home.

Or placed in a special drawer of lingerie, scarves or like. 

A nursery, library, bathroom, garden

In the case of the traveler, it could be tucked in one’s bag.


A World of One's Own




A pouch to gather one’s hopes, dreams, wishes

A Pouch Full


Words of affirmation
or promise, poems,
stones, pods, pieces of wood.
For baby, bride, friend, grandchild,
niece, nephew, aunt, grandparent, lover, neighbor.




Elaine Shiramizu has been helping many groups, large and small, from fortune 500 companies to nonprofit organizations, 

as well as individuals, live the lives they wish to live.

Beginning in 1974, she has practiced graphic design for 45+ years,  becoming a licensed Classical Five-Element Acupuncturist in 2007.

These pouches have long lived in her heart.

Historically, in many cultures men and women  have had just such an accessory to contain their worlds.

Once while treating my 90+ year old aunt, I saw her Japanese version of a pouch  discreetly tucked inside her blouse. She told me it contained important things.





Such a pouch is created especially for you according to your own hopes, dreams, wishes.


Use the form to contact me to schedule a conversation!


Looking forward!


Thank You

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